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Factors Considered by Courts When Deciding Custody Arrangements

how are custody arrangements decided

The often uttered phrase “the Best Interests of the Child”  is the governing standard by which Courts decide a custody arrangement for two disagreeing parents. Neither individual parent’s interest is considered, nor the goal of achieving equity between the parents. A parent’s gender, nor a parent’s immigration status, will be considered preferential. Instead judges use […]

Are Divorce Support Groups for You?

how can a divorce support group help you?

There are times in our lives when we should not go it alone. Divorce is one of those times. As a way to normalize the experience, experts report that divorce support groups offer unparalleled benefits. Feedback from someone who can mirror your experience and offer a “been there, done that” set of reality checks can […]

How Alimony is Decided in California 

California and alimony

One of the more challenging parts of divorce these days is how to determine financial support paid to a former spouse. Also known as alimony, spousal support is paid monthly from a higher-earning spouse to a lower or non-earning spouse, typically during and after the divorce. The purpose of spousal support is to reallocate the […]

Child Custody Laws in California for Unmarried Parents

legal info about child custody in parentage cases

We have covered many child custody issues related to divorce, but what happens when the parents were never married to each other? Commonly referred to as “paternity” or the more inclusive “parentage” cases, these matters proceed in much the same way as a traditional custody case, but have unique elements. Parentage cases have been some […]

How to Support A Friend Going Through a Divorce

helping a friend who is getting divorced

A big part of friendship is being there for each other’s milestones: weddings, births, job promotions, graduations, and anniversaries. These are occasions we anticipate and look forward to in life. Yet, true friends are there for the unanticipated moments and the hardships, like divorce. Both men and women need support in trying times, even in […]

Divorce Apps to Make Your Life Easier

the best divorce apps

Have you noticed that whatever your needs are these days – there is an app for that!? The world of divorce, custody and co-parenting is no different. These terrific divorce apps will help save you time, lessen your anxiety and possibly curtail your need to incur the expense of a family law lawyer. All in […]

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and Divorce

Questions about Covid-19 and divorce

Since the start of this bewildering pandemic, much of “life as we know it” has changed. Our daily routines are very different from what they were just weeks ago, and for many, plans for your personal life and family, including divorce, have been upended. Grappling with the massive upheaval of home quarantine orders, school closures, […]

How to Handle Custody and Visitation During Quarantine

COVID and child custody issues

Separated and divorced co-parents are finding themselves in unchartered territory during this pandemic. Due to the Coronavirus and quarantines, many find it challenging (or impossible) to follow the agreed-upon or ordered visitation schedule. Safer at Home – but whose home? What do you mean the courts are closed? Nary a family lawyer has not faced […]