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Divorce Apps to Make Your Life Easier

the best divorce apps

Have you noticed that whatever your needs are these days – there is an app for that!? The world of divorce, custody and co-parenting is no different. These terrific divorce apps will help save you time, lessen your anxiety and possibly curtail your need to incur the expense of a family law lawyer. All in […]

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and Divorce

Questions about Covid-19 and divorce

Since the start of this bewildering pandemic, much of “life as we know it” has changed. Our daily routines are very different from what they were just weeks ago, and for many, plans for your personal life and family, including divorce, have been upended. Grappling with the massive upheaval of home quarantine orders, school closures, […]

How to Handle Custody and Visitation During Quarantine

COVID and child custody issues

Separated and divorced co-parents are finding themselves in unchartered territory during this pandemic. Due to the Coronavirus and quarantines, many find it challenging (or impossible) to follow the agreed-upon or ordered visitation schedule. Safer at Home – but whose home? What do you mean the courts are closed? Nary a family lawyer has not faced […]

Kickstart Guide to Property Division During a Divorce

Property Division during divorce

During this unprecedented time, the effects of Covid-19 and the home isolation most of us are weathering will put many marriages to the test. Research tells us that the kind of stressors involved in 24/7 togetherness amplify existing cracks or highlight the strengths of our intimate relationships. For those considering separation, becoming acquainted with the […]

Preparing for Child Custody Mediation

Preparing for Child Custody Mediation

Child custody mediation is a process by which you can work together with your co-parent and a neutral mental health professional to develop a parenting plan that is right for your children. Just like Alexander Graham Bell taught us, preparation is the key to success. And success in the context of child custody mediation means […]

Three Unique Facts About Divorce in California

3 Unique Facts When It Comes to a California Divorce

If you are planning to get divorced in California, but know nothing about it — there are a few key facts you will want to consider at the outset. To begin the proceedings, you must meet the mandatory minimum residency requirement. At least one spouse must reside in the state for six or more months […]

Grandparents Rights: Do You Have Rights to Visitation?

Grandparents Rights: Do You Have Rights to Visitation?

As a grandparent, do you have the legal right to visit with your grandchildren? With growing frequency, we are seeing heart-wrenching custody contests between grandparents and parents depicted in movies and television dramas. But what does the law provide? Do different states apply different legal standards? What if one or both parents oppose visitation? While […]

When a Child Refuses Visitation with a Non-Custodial Parent

When Can a Child Refuse Visitation with a Non-Custodial Parent

Whether by agreement or court order, a visitation schedule alternating the physical timeshare between parents will exist at some point in a divorce. This so-called timeshare calendar is presumed to be in the “best interests” of the children involved. But what happens if a child refuses to cooperate with the schedule the grown-ups have deemed […]

Your Guide to Pet Custody in Divorce

When a marriage ends, everything is divided. But what about the family pets that both spouses want? For most pet owners I know, pets are family. The thought of losing them on top of the other setbacks in a divorce is a heartbreaker. But what if your soon-to-be-ex-spouse feels the same way? Is pet custody […]

Distinguishing Between Legal Separation & Divorce

Benefits of Legal Separation Versus Divorce

Is divorce the only option when a marriage breaks down? Are you leaning toward divorce but want to know if there is a middle ground? Depending on your circumstances, a legal separation may be worth exploring. While offering nearly identical financial protections, a legal separation may provide a few benefits. Let’s take a look at […]