Marital or Domestic Partnership Dissolution (“Divorce”)


At Santucci Family Law, we assist clients with all aspects of divorce proceedings to terminate a marriage or domestic partnership and establish agreements and orders allowing former spouses or domestic partners to move forward as single people.

Six months after the filing and service of the Petition for Dissolution (the “cooling off” period), the court may terminate marital status, returning both parties to single individuals, upon an application by one party. We work diligently and strategically with our clients to resolve their cases in a preferably efficient and cost-effective manner, allowing them to transition as quickly as possible through the proceeding. However, it oftentimes takes much longer to resolve the property, support and custodial issues such that the “six-month rule” should be taken as a minimum waiting period for eligibility for divorce. It is critically important that you obtain expert legal advice (and if a dispute arises, skilled advocacy) to protect your rights and interests in a dissolution.

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