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Our House Grief Support Center’s New Executive Team

Our House Grief Support Center

I am proud to serve as the newly installed board president and chair of the board of directors of OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center. Our executive leadership team welcomes Breena Gold as the incoming CEO. As we reflect upon the overwhelming needs of the Los Angeles community at this time, the organization’s mission to support […]

How to Start the Divorce Process

beginning the divorce process

Where do I even begin? I get this question a lot. The decision to end a marriage is seldom an easy one. Once the choice has been made, you may find yourself wondering what to do next or what to do first. While the specific laws governing a marital dissolution vary from state to state, […]

Shared Parenting: What Does It Mean and Is It For You? 

is shared parenting a good option

Child custody decisions can be the most emotionally charged of the divorce process. Judges will take the best interests of the child into account when determining the optimal parenting plan for parents and children. In most cases, shared parenting or joint custody is the best option. What exactly is shared parenting? Is it right for […]

Exploring the Tax Implications of Divorce

divorce and taxes

Tax season is right around the corner. Millions of Americans are readying their paperwork and steadying their nerves – both of which will be required to submit those tax returns on time. If you are in the process of a divorce or about to start one this year, let’s explore some tax implications that are […]

Factors Considered by Courts When Deciding Custody Arrangements

how are custody arrangements decided

The often uttered phrase “the Best Interests of the Child”  is the governing standard by which Courts decide a custody arrangement for two disagreeing parents. Neither individual parent’s interest is considered, nor the goal of achieving equity between the parents. A parent’s gender, nor a parent’s immigration status, will be considered preferential. Instead judges use […]

Are Divorce Support Groups for You?

how can a divorce support group help you?

There are times in our lives when we should not go it alone. Divorce is one of those times. As a way to normalize the experience, experts report that divorce support groups offer unparalleled benefits. Feedback from someone who can mirror your experience and offer a “been there, done that” set of reality checks can […]

How Alimony is Decided in California 

California and alimony

One of the more challenging parts of divorce these days is how to determine financial support paid to a former spouse. Also known as alimony, spousal support is paid monthly from a higher-earning spouse to a lower or non-earning spouse, typically during and after the divorce. The purpose of spousal support is to reallocate the […]

Child Custody Laws in California for Unmarried Parents

legal info about child custody in parentage cases

We have covered many child custody issues related to divorce, but what happens when the parents were never married to each other? Commonly referred to as “paternity” or the more inclusive “parentage” cases, these matters proceed in much the same way as a traditional custody case, but have unique elements. Parentage cases have been some […]